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COMING SOON...info about more Stargate Offworld events!

check out our archive for:
the first Stargate fan convention in the U.S. which was held
Saturday, August 30, 2003, Atlanta, Georgia


Dragon*Con 2003 

Friday, August 29-Monday, Sept. 2, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia 

Stargate SG-1 Guests at Dragon*Con included:

Christopher Judge
Tony Amendola
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Read our report of DRAGON*CON 2002 
Stargate Guests included: 
Peter Williams, Teryl Rothery & Sarah Douglas

Recently added items include: 
Stargate prototype card
, movie partyware, Spanish movie posters


Clothing, t-shirts, hats... Original artwork, prints, sculpture and more
Decorate your vehicular contrivance The SG universe in your pocket.  New stories, characters and adventures
Trading cards, promos, sets Both Stargate and SG 1
Goodies issued or available to crew only Desk accessories
Mugs, cups & glassware Let's play
Body adornments, keychains... Limited editions of collectibles
Original movie collectibles Promos and more...
Tablecloths, partyware etc. Writing instruments of all kinds, including pencils...
Presskits, press promotional items...
Actual props from the movie & series
Bags and carryalls Figures and more...
Videos and DVDs


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Fans take the story & characters and run with them! Do-it-yourself
Fan-produced mags and rags


Who signs, who doesn't,
and where they can be
Silly and just possibly outrageous!
Conventions and fan gatherings How to achieve the SG look. Dress just like Jack (or Sam or Teal'c or...)
Star & character photos Especially for female fans!

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